Creighton Model FertilityCare™ Services  (CrMS) are provided by FertilityCare™ Practitioners (FCP) who are trained in a 13 month allied health education program. This is the most advanced educational program available in this field. After graduating from the program practitioners can become certified through the American Academy of Natural Family Planning, the national certifying body. These teachers are highly trained to assist you in all aspects of the use of this system and are able to work with medical consultants to give you the best care available.


Monica Renck, BA, MEd, NBCT, FCP

Monica has been a middle school educator for over 9 years, and teaching people is one of her passions. When she began to chart the Creighton Model System, she was using it to help treat underlying medical conditions. She is an enthusiastic supporter of NaPro technology and its woman-centered approach to healthcare.  Now she can combine her love for teaching with her excitement for sharing natural methods of fertility awareness. Monica loves working with young couples, and she also specializes in teaching single women (including teenagers) and women looking to take advantage of NaPro.

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  • Long Distance Learning Available


Teri Page, BS, FCP

Teri and her husband, Jeremy, have been married for 8 years and have been blessed with two young childeren.  Before becoming a mom, Teri had the privilege and blessing of working with college students in Catholic Campus Ministry at North Carolina State University.  It is there that she first heard of the Creighton Model and after her son was born, she and her husband learned this method during the postpartum transition.  Teri is excited to share this standardized and scientifically based system of fertility care with women and couples of diverse backgrounds and reproductive categories.  Having in her youth sworn off natural methods, Teri is so thankful that she found the Creighton Model, a natural method that is scientifically proven reliable and has the capabilities of NaproTechnology to diagnose and treat underlying health issues that plague so many women!

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  • Long Distance Learning Available
  • Responsible Practitioner For FertilityCare Services of Eastern North Carolina




Erica Farley, MSN, FNP, FCP 

Erica is a family nurse practitioner recently completed training to be a FertilityCare Medical Consultant/Practitioner, which allows her to both teach the Creighton method and treat underlying medical issues.  Erica and her husband Luke have been married for 2 years.  Erica was first drawn to the Creighton Model System because it respected a woman's natural fertility, while still being a medical model.  Together they enjoy volunteering at their church, spending time outside, exploring the Triangle, and traveling.  Erica  is most excited to be teaching women about fertility appreciation.

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