What is SPICE?

In all relationships there will be times when a couple will choose or need to avoid genital activity.  Examples of such times may include when a woman has her menses, illness, pelvic rest during pregnancy, after childbirth, when traveling, etc. Couples using natural methods of family planning like the Creighton Model 


™ System (CrMS) may also choose to avoid genital activity on days of fertility if they wish to avoid a pregnancy.

The CrMS is a holistic system that recognizes that the sexuality of a woman is more than just what is going on in her ovaries; it involves all of her relationships, none more so than the relationship with her spouse. That is why it is so important that during times when genital activity is not possible for whatever reason, the couple has recourse to other forms of intimacy that ultimately strengthen their bond and deepen their relationship.

SPICE stands for Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative (or Creative), and Emotional ways of showing love and affection without genital contact.  During the days that you choose to avoid genital contact, don’t avoid each other!  Instead, plan SPICE activities in order to enhance your relationship.